ready to cook family style meals

Every family looks different, but all of us are busy and all of us want to slow down and spend more time together.

We can help.

Let us provide you with a delicious meal.  You cook it, take the credit, and set it on your dinner table to share with your family.

The Gift of Time, The Power of a Meal

For many of us, it is a struggle to find the time to prepare a meal for our family.  Even so, we know that time around the table together is vital.  Research shows and our intuition tells us that those precious moments of uninterrupted food and conversation bind us together, creating memories and traditions that last a lifetime. Family mealtime is priceless.  Let us free you from time in the kitchen so that you can spend more time loving your family.

We do the work and you take the credit

Casseroles & Oven Meals


We offer a variety of family friendly casseroles and oven ready meals. Check out our menu to find something your family will enjoy!

Entrees & Stovetop Meals


One dish stovetop meals and our entrees make your meal preparation super easy!  Your family is sure to love some of our family favorites!

Soups & Stews


There is nothing better than coming home to a steaming bowl of hot soup or hearty stew.  We know you will find something on our menu to love!

Other Items


Visit our store for our complete selection of items, including side dishes, breads and desserts, as well as a selection of local, unique products.



Do you know someone who could really use some more time - a new mom, a sick friend, or just someone who needs a blessing? Send them a meal gift! We have gift cards as well!

Delivery Coming Soon!


Come visit our shop near Hobby Lobby/Mardels in the old Macy's Plaza.  Delivery coming soon - stay tuned!


Options to Fit Your Needs

Fresh Items:  We offer a variety of fresh, seasonal items for in store pick up only.  Check our Facebook page or stop by to see what is in the fridge! Items are available until sold out.

Frozen Items:   Items listed on our Menu are kept in stock frozen and ready to cook.  Some items need to be thawed before cooking, but most can go straight from your freezer to your oven or crockpot.  

Pick Up:   Pick up fresh or frozen meals at our shop - and feel free to phone in your order ahead if you are in a rush!  We have a variety of side and specialty items that may not be listed on our website. We also feature some unique local products to add a dash of special to your kitchen, or to give as gifts.  

Delivery-COMING SOON: We deliver frozen items off our standard menu in Tyler so you can stock your freezer! How convenient can you get? Order online or by phone.  Delivery charge is $5, or free with a minimum purchase of $75.  We also have insulated bags available  for $3.50 each if needed - they can hold two full size casseroles plus a soup dish. We can deliver at your place of work or leave at your doorstep.  

Gifting:  Our meals make great gifts for a new mom, someone recovering from surgery or an illness, or someone who just needs a little boost.  We also have gift cards available!

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